Monday, March 13, 2006

Dis-illusioned By Atomic Anarchy. 1995

Sick of all the same game
Tired of being talked down to.
Man is god. Mother was fucked.
A rampage of no cares
Awhirl of ignorant bliss
A call for imbalance, stupor
Disillusioned by atomic anarchy.

Fuck convention. Fuck.


Rip open the vagina again.
Granddad worked hard and died.
Grandma was really fucked.
Their atoms move apart.
Vomitous incesting primal atomic dance.
Satan loving god suckers
Spread eagled masturbatory chastity.
I scream the beat that isnt music
in unity take what isnt mine
I eat putrid sweet angel shit
Fart in your mouth
I ram nuclear weapons up nuns cunts
and taste the sweet oblivion......

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