Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sister Of Sonic Youth. ( PKD Remix)

The policeman,
tears flowing,
the dark horizon.
"Time out for a joint.",
"Safer than crack in space."
It's glue that holds the tracks and cracks
of our lives

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


one day

you too


(In reply to Housemouse - Brevity)


Monday, August 28, 2006

Tale End Of Winters Ministries.

As the shutters open
I become porous anew
Your my thoughts
Arouse relaxation
Filtering darkness
Wandering along a track
Spritely on the still soft
And sphagnum
Playing limpet
With the mighty ones
Rich, red, resins
My your words
Alighting softly aglow
Tender upon our koru.

Thanks Billy

Just a wee note to thank Billy for his link to Forward Press in the UK. They are publishing one of my poems (Lighten Your Load: Go Easy On Yourself) in their book "Inspired Reflections 2007". This will be my first so I just might have a wee glass of wine to celebrate. My advice - listen to your mayor!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Muriwai and the Crystal Ray Sky.

Sulfur crowned gannets
Raining like brimstone
Having sown wild oats
Two thousand km away
Honing their flints
With pearlers and bounders
Return to fight, for a
Place in purgatory
Their mere centimetres square
Of guano-coated bedrock
Spearhead since '95...


... one of those sugary crystal ray days
On a roll, you stroll down the beach
To the praise of the waves
Where they overtake the island
With sun-drenched clarity, you continue
Onwards with Moses' authority, and
The waves recede, as you knew they would
Further back than they possibly should
You continue, to the western outreach
Entering the cave through rocky teeth
Somehow still dry, now sharply aware;
Brain keening dangers, the value of air
The fact that blind faith has found you
In here...

..shining with light, no turning back
Stuck to the fate of your one minded track
Waves returning, hailing rebirth,
A final distraction, lies there on the earth
A friend's body - The cost of this tour
(You stupid stupid bastard!!!) (adrenalin surge)
Fortunately though, a fleeting apparition
A warning against mission's repetition...

Coming full circle, feet still dry
You smile to yourself
And the crystal ray sky
And the sparkling black sands
Along Muriwai
Where sulfur crowned gannets
Continue to reign
And the praise of the waves
Will always remain.

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Bryanna Visits Snow Planet.

I know a man who isn't here
I rather doubt he's anywhere
For those of you who do not know
That man was made all out of snow.