Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Imagine Shaving A Fish.

At the first and last postmodern exhibition
I could not see 'Pure Black'
Nor get the measure of 'The Vacuum'
I could not explain 'Anything'
As I didn't know 'Everything'
I wasted some time on 'Prepost Redundancy'
'The Source Of Light In Dreams' mystified
And 'Anhedonia' numbed me
The moment I was aware of 'Perception'
It became 'A Memory'
The statue 'Vito Scotti Eating A Clown'
Left a funny taste in my mouth
After reading a manuscript 'Original Thought'
I sat in an uncaring chair
And imagined shaving a fish.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Long Walk of The Alchemical Gambler.

The path I am on
passes through every point in the universe.
In my dreams
Einstein mocks me
"That could take a long time"
His knowledge of the universe seems bigger than the universe.

In my dreams
The particulate energies of my existence
scatter randomly
then suddenly freeze
at the moment of maximum randomness
exactly equidistant.

In my dreams
I see how little I can say about nothing
I can't stop thinking about nothing
The less I think , the more I am.
Descartes interrupts -" I should think not !"
then promptly vanishes into nowhere.

In my dreams
I float above
my supercool, superconductive
Biefield -Brown hv thruster
My mass changed, velocity static
I travel through time.

In my dreams
The boundary of the universe
is a fractal
expanding to accomodate knowledge of energy
The infinite enclosed in finite space.

In my dreams
There are no waves, light is not of two minds
energy flows through funnels
and like a giant pachinko game
finds its ethereal path blocked, forced to coagulate as matter
or bifurcate - casting interference patterns;
blocked by eleven D superstrung walls
enclosing an alternative dark mattered universe.

In my dreams
The probability something happens is one
the number of alternatives is infinite
heads, not heads, crashing, not crashing
the tips of my fingers inseperable from everything
the total matter of the Earth held in my hand.

In my dream
The alchemist walks up to the door
bottle of wine in hand
and sits at the table.
"I'll see your articles of faith
and raise you one grand unification theory."
God rolls the dice.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Yo Dog, Lissen Up.

I can't stand snap happy
lap dogs yappin
me too me too
look at me.
Make mine a
sensitive fire-huggin wolfhound
x pipe smokin slipper fetchin setter
x Jah lovin wooly puli
x pug ugly bulldog
x manic border collie eatin machine
x snow eyed malamute
x sneaky pushy psychic doberman
x slobberin simple bull mastiff
x stupid car chasin spaniel
x colourful troubador's bitzer
x St Bernard drinkin buddy
x comfortable ol Spot's dad
x super sleuthin beagle...
Just don't bug me with no
Napoleonic ankle bitin
snap happy lap dog
yappin me too, me too
look at me.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tangram- The 5040 Poems of a World Peaced Together

Instructions: Arrange the lines of this poem in any order you find pleasing. To increase world peace and understanding, pass your version on to a friend and ask them to do the same :-)

On the seven board of cunning
You can arrange the pieces
With geographic diplomacy
To make different shapes
If your mind is agile
The continents move so
When the people are at peace

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Robot Rendering at PKD

Most of my robots are armed and armoured.

My next one should
Stand next to a half full trolley
in a supermarket car park
suspiciously studying a docket.

It should
Enjoy the particular orange light
after a storm
before sunset.

It should
Display a studied nonchalance
when caught
picking its nose
at traffic lights.

It should
Eat the last piece of cake
with Clint Eastwood cool.

It should
Enjoy standing
in steaming cow dung
after running barefoot
through frosty fields.

It should
Find discreet perches
to watch cats
and its head should swivel swiftly
surprising cats eying it over their shoulders.

It should
Find lost remotes
and toss them gleefully in the air
before pretending they are cellphones
and scuttling away
mid conversation.

My next robot should be perfect.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


You began as a blank sheet.
By the time he'd finished
writing your life
you wished his pencil led head
had had an eraser,
so he wouldn't have
scribbled all over you
or left
trails of white stuff
denying, scarring,
what was.

Just his practice sheet.
A discarded rough copy
of his Sermon on the Mount.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Fallin Outa Space - Song Lyrics 1986

Woke up this morning
and got out of bed
rolled up a joint
and got out of my head
The sun comes shining
over my windowsill
I know I might
Baby I know I will

Im so-o stoned
outa my mind

Woke up this morning
and I had a cuppa tea
Its not the normal type
I know you'll see
cos it's made from mushrooms
I picked by hand
I know baby
that you'll understand

I'm so-o zoned
outa my mind

Woke up this morning
Baby you weren't there
Now I know
that you just don't care
So I rolled up a joint
and got outta my head
better off than being dead

Im so-o
o in love with you
Yes I'm so-o
In love with you.

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Interstellar Overdrive - Song Lyrics 1986

Interstellar overdrive
Interstellar baby
Keep my soul alive
Go a million miles an hour
We got the power of love
We'll ride for hours in my

Interstellar overdrive
Interstellar baby
Keep your soul alive
See the stars
They're shining just for you
We got the power of love
We got the do do do do do...

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First Stone

Eat this meal of love
and forgiveness,
And judge not Judas
steadfast and strong,
his faithfulness
beyond devotion.
Our fateality
his thorny crown.


This morning moment
I return
Wearied from my nocturnal exertions.

Beware- the hunter tracks your pretences,
Nostrils flaring, saliva glistening,
At the scent of your social graces.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Questianity 2B: Lord Of The Flies

i tire of inane questianity
religious certainty
misleading synchronicity
perfect ideality
factual pomposity
alternative reality
To Bill i say just let me be.

Its true i have an arrangement
with flies
but mosquitoes buzz and bite
scoffing at all entreaty
so i kill them.

The existence of a god
or eternal life
matter not one whit
if you live your life
best that you see fit.

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Its not cruelty
that makes me linger
upon your breathless impatience.

Its part mastery
fingertip control
the striking of taut piano strings.

Its part pleasure
Lost to time and space
Semibreves and quavers of whorls and ridges.

Its part imagination
I am you am me
a span shuddered by unison souls.

As dewdrop to the mighty seas,
A linger to your fevered please.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Flinch.

We are betrayed by your flinch.

a grotesque monster
tearing wings from butterflies
to smear their scales
across my jagged soul

You a chrysalis of unresolved damage
living in the past
confused by the flashes
of your confident lashes

We fixed each other a little.
But we should quit now.

Icarus was not as bright as the sun.

Monday, May 08, 2006

From One Drip Two

Ahhh Icy
Aqueous Humour
one drip to another
Ohh Ohh, what a
rime sublime

In Reply to Fickle Trickle

Friday, May 05, 2006

Slow Poetry Movement

For poetry enthusiats
today is national slow poetry day
so go ahead
lentement lentement

give some mindful mastication
let the word sauce dribble
as they perambulate peristaltically
to oesophagus's underworld
awash in your acid
their vitality absorbed
feel their nourishment
sense their resonance
their rhythm
on your palette

pass some on
(to a friend)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fat Boy ( He's not fat , just thick skinned )

Fatty fatty two by four
Can't fit through the bathroom door.
Funny the first two hundred times.

Ten ton rubber bum
Leaves no room for anyone.
Hilarious the first two hundred times.

Mama Cass, Fatty Arbuckle, Billy Bunter,
Fatso, fatty, fatguts, blubberboy,
Gutso, fatarse, fatshit, lardo,
Lardarse, meatloaf, big guy,
Pig , piggy, pigguts,
Useless , lazy, go on a diet,
Glenn , Glenn the big fat hen.
Cracked me up the first two hundred times.

Psych ward - bedroom in the middle
of the dining room.

Lose a few kilos:
Have you been on a diet?
Wow , you look great.
(Like you didn't before.)

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