Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Quantum Mechanic Falls Head Over Heels.

she spins profusely
diffusing energy
in a bounded space
never to cross paths.

Her partner
in this magnetic moment
tumbles synchronously
minds melded fast-
er than light.

Distance shared-sheared
distance shed
a tear for the laws
of minds
blind to the heart
of this matter.

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Meowry Christmouse Santa Paws.

Livid stops garish sprites
Cascading neophytes
Fool spectre delivery
Count the cells in cider me
Corpus collosal menagerie.

Fate dashed upon the rocks
Boot straps to the chin ups
Best forward it foot
Down the tracked one mind
Found alone I die alone
Ranger than striction
Narcisstic addiction
Pleased to meet me
For all internally.

A scratch looking for an itch
Burning touch tapping drip
A head by a nose you ear
Daren't call me a Picasso
Injust to say so
Swat I'm fly