Monday, February 26, 2007

Fat Hairy Man At The Beach

Hefting my carriage
From the seas salt laden sanctuary
My Dayself as exposed
As the eternal shadows
Cast on Hiroshima's walls
I know I am not enlightened.

My Nightself - my eyes
Bow uncomfortably
'Neath beauty's harsh light
Seeking Bolle-yellow relief.

How many comments, and looks,
Slid over me
Before I began to care
Blinded and bound by conformity's rack.

Under night's majesty and grace
I forget myself
Dancing with naked joy
My phoenix risen
I taste the stars
Letting the universe breathe me in.

O Dayself, forget the light.
O Universe, breathe me in.
Breathe me in.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Dreaming Of Photographs - The Miraculous Truth.

The congealed despair
Of amputees' prayer
Staining the collection plate
A bowl in the rain
Under umbrella's train.
White coated doctors
Armed with syringes
Loaded with miracles
Battling the scourges
Exorcising, healing
Not wielding or yielding
Cloth bound superstition.
The lone man who missed his flight
Ringed by 357 flaming remains
Of those who didn't.
Concentric waves of stillborn
Diseased famined and fateful
Bullseyes beneath
Question marks
Aimed at the heart of the
Miracle breathing tongue speaking

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Resurrection Of A Warholian Banana

The incident was incidental
The result resultant
On a roundabout
Taking her out
On you.
Initialised by her eyes
Hair there and everywhere
My mishmash headlong crash
Solved unresolved
Taking you out
On her.

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Clowns On Wheels

Big cogs, little cogs
Unbroken karmic cycles
High wire through fire
Free wheelin horn tootin
Bell ringin crowd pleasin
High fivin harlequinian
Clowns on wheels.

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