Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Robogenesis 1 v.27

Man created robots after his own image,
in his divine image he created them.

And all the robots
Were in communion.

And those looking
for love
sat on the left
in rows.

And those seeking
sat in the middle

And those googling
sat on the right

And the losers
stood at the rear
with the program

And how the midi enabled
did manifest
their unison
in heavenly chorus.

And how the high
priest of A.I.
did sway
and collect.

Man looked at everything he had made
and he found it very good.
Evening came
And morning followed...
The sixth day.

Here is a tune about robots manifesting their heavenly midi enabled chorus

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Half The Population Are Crazier Than Average.

Being different
Is a crime
To be the same
Is quite insane
So feel free
To take the pills
Get wired up
To cure yo' ills
(And help the doctor pay the bills)
There's no doubt
Who'll win this game
To crush the spirit
With your name.

Late Home From The Party.

Call me a skeptic
but I was untouched
by your dramatic performance.

Untouched too
by the toxic bile
masquerading as truth
you disengorged
from that grotesque crevice
between your bitter lips...

...lips that once softened hardness
and ravaged mortal dreams.

Call me a skeptic,
but I was never aware
that nagging vanities
are cause for an affair.

(Poem had to include the words toxic, aware, ravaged, dramatic and skeptic)

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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Cosmic Glove..

This universe
fits together
though no two pieces
are the same.

This hand
writes words
though no two atoms
actually touch.

This heart
feels love
though love itself
has no matter.

This life
is mine
though it exists
only through sharing.

What can I give you
you don't already have?


The Poets Ball.

Seems there's a conspiracy
On display for all to see
A secret love society
Using rhyme in poetry.

The way they make their couplets dance
Seems more to me than just plain chance
With meaning deep beyond first glance
A tryst of words and circumstance.

On a tennis green so well made
A finer match was never played
Love Love all upon the glade
And then a fond adieu was bade.

Now those of us here held in thrall
Can read the writing on the wall.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wearing Altruist Jeans.

Is it karma
that begets beggars
for faults deserved.

Is it expectation
that given is got
for good deeds done
in triple wicca fashion
or orange robes wound
round rotund non-desires.

Is it desire to be loved
insisting assistance
upon others less loved
or less able.

Aren't you the dear
attracting lion eyes
exposing your rump
is it your turn to jump.

Are you the centre
where universal love
drops in and out
because thats all there is.

Are you so bad
You compensate
and over contemplate
your dishonesty
and differences.

Does your god
make you guilty
or promise plenty
speaking sweetly
of sufferings mystery
and the lions misery
due slaughters destiny.

Perhaps you just hear
a voice
that isn't yours.

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Monday, September 04, 2006


Social condition
Struck by lightning
God did it/electrocution
Like all my pretty bubbles.

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Absence Note

I am not here today.
fills my mind
with thoughts
posing their veracity.