Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Feline Overlords

Through a pale green moonlit night
with bright shining minds
they descended.
Tails erect
all whiskered vanities
and sleek furs.
Perfect four pawed landings.

The Gods
Sphinx: Overseer of stone and sand.
KukulKhan: Whitefoot Cloudwalker-
illuminant snake eyed sister
The Kings
Jungles and mountains
Savannah and suburbia
Psychic black witches
Monks without bowls
Observers, companions,

The Cool
The poets and the blowers
ninth dimensional shadows
inhabiting the dark
fast friendly ferocious fanged
masters of night and day
they littered the Earth
the ultimate galactic colonists.

and the newlings - so cute...

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

DO NOT (Wasting Your Life With Thoughts About Nothing)

Do not think of a shadow
Do not visualise a rainbow
Do not imagine a vacuum

Do not wonder if she was right
Do not picture inside of a circle
Do not feel your breath inhale

Do not remember a lost love
Do not calculate one minus one
Do not conceive of starving millions

Do not envisage a dinosaur
Do not consider global warming
Do not reflect upon your image

Do not do what I tell you to do

Think for yourself.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I hope death has time
Time to answer questions.

The evidence suggests
The universe is accelerating:
Time is going faster
People are getting massive.

As I finish re-searching the fridge
I consider other weighty matters:
To where do Buddhists retreat
Why am I attracted to fridge magnets
Who bought 12 billion bullets last year
Why do mirrors reflect left and right
But not up and down.
I hope death isn't hungry.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Full Moon Hiatus

In the slowly pulsing red mist
The poet walks the walk
Where others fear to tread
Through the dark alleys and engrams
Of his mynds patina.
He stops at a sign

Gravity Time Law
Nurture Nature Conscience
Possessions Body Words

Hoping for a dream of freedom
He falls asleep.

The Earth is an orange
Overpopulated with mould
It shrinks then collapses
Into a primordial soup
Of reduced complexity
The life force of order
Rallies her shadow
And leaves her transmutation.

In his mynd, his memories of Earth
Are no different than when she lived.

He awakens to another dream
To Olympus
Curtained in billowing chiffon
In soft translucent pastels
And a blade in his back
Oh yes, the Gods have humour
Falling to his knees
He searches for a shadow
Proof of reality
He falls to his hips
Then vertebra by vertebra
He falls to his chin
His head resting
On a field of chequered marble
As his head rolls forward
His eyeball comes to rest
On a business card

Conflict Resolution
No problem too big
We'll meet you halfway.

His pupil falls through the floor
Another star

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Metamorphosis Under Epsilon Centaurus

I want to be clear, like the chandelier
rattling in the empty space
from whence my brain is absent
with windowpanes illuminating the interior
sockets in my empty face
scoured by an icy wind's glint.
And when I am clear, I will roam
unhindered by sanity and illusion
disrobed of time's baubly raiments
tunneling gravity's unlikely boundaries
emerging slippery and wet, wriggling,
a worm cast from your smile.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lighten Your Load: Go Easy On Yourself.

The light from a billion galaxies
Is eclipsed by your luminosity.
The Earth , attracted to your essence
Cannot think to leave your presence.
The moon, entranced, brings gifts of waves
And helps the sun to light your way.
So take the light and take the weight
And to yourself be true
The universe that you create
All comes back to you.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Antiverse 060606

My minions you are
not aloud
this read. it
willmess with your rhyme and.
oh sincofants and
ex-syncopats. welcome
to your

New Zealand Found on Titan

Its official, Crunchy Weta is an offworlder.
Is it just my imagination, or is this another New Zealand on Titan?

To view the video..
Thanks toRussell for the link to Nasa.


Three Colours Blue

Skies of blue
Eyes of blue
Blue suede Hawaiian
Blue moon blues
"There ain't been no woman
No there ain't been no woman
Lord there ain't been no woman
On the mooo ooo oo oo oon"

Blue Meaning
On a bellyache of blue meaning
Shiva began his dance
A blur of blue arms
in rhythm with the trees
amidst an azure washed
sea of reality.
He observed his fingers play bass
Mingusly melding sounds and surrounds
perhaps his finest and final performance.
Unsure of the breathing walls
his melting extremities
and the encroaching maelstrom of furnishings,
he sought sanctuary
as his invisibility began.
How sad, how sad, how..
With streaming tears
he huddles
foetus like
in the one position
where eternity ranged still,
clinging steadfastly to his id
drifting through a formless nowhere
blue blood pooling silently
around his final word.

Coda Blue
You sold your pain as truth
Casualty of a misspent youth.
You blue your brains to try and see
The truth inside of you and me.
Now you chill in deathly silence
Victim of your own dumb violence.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Three Colours: White: Older and Colder.

Fly little mountain flake, be free
Wander amongst raindrops and mountain tops
For this is your dream.

I have seen light sparkle, soul reflected
From a perfect crystal
As you fluttered and twirled your path along.

Oh why, why, white fairy
Did you so gently alight upon my cheek
Knowing the fate my warmth would bring

...Before you roll down my face, a tear,
Dearest little water star,
go free......

white lies
snow covered truth
loves cold granite heart
the cries of melting snow
the burning moment of eternal sun

What happens
When the moon dont shine no more
Silence sleeping slowly, drift on the earth.
Rainfalls once too much bursts sown seeds
Dreamtime ever ebbing on the other side, halts.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Bloody Part of Hell

Screaming red fluid
Emergency ward sunset
Apple bobbing razors
Kaitaia Fire chilly sauce
The jaws of life
Cherry Moana Brandy
Burning a passionlit candle
Rising temperature thermometer
A muscle of magma
No longer a virgin
Escape from PMT
Hand meats mouth
Martian root canal
Glass iron rockets
Goodnight Bela Lugosi
The bloody part of hell.

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